Sharing the title of J. G. Ballard’s novel of the same name, the series of works titled CRASH explores the textured collision between technology and human inquiry. The works are as raw as rope burn and as black as the dull ache you only feel in your groin. Accelerating into a world where steel and steam fuse with spit, rubber and desire this series of works were rendered from photographic process of both the 19th and 21st centuries. CRASH deals with restraint, curiosity, violence and mimicry. It attempts to challenge perceptions of reality and explores the fetishization of objects in both subject matter and process.

Offered up to me, as if by the motorway angel himself was the vehicle versus vehicle, the so-called ‘accident’ that altered my delivery of the silver. I had been waiting for it to happen, almost willing it into being, lusting over the broken glass and contusions, the impact, that moment when everything slows down, steel on steel, skin against seatbelt.

You breathed life into me. Lifted my lifeless body up and away like a god. Our teeth touched and your saliva slid down my throat, my bruised lips and pins and needles in my wrist the only reminders of our encounter. But you are here with me now, here with me always. When the lights flash and then everything goes black you stand beside me. One, two, three breathe.

spit and blow 2000 x 1000