coke & popcorn 

coke & popcorn: the image and the series
Confined to a concrete ocean, I am compelled to visit you, concerned that if I stop, you will cease to exist.
coke & popcorn is an ongoing body of work shot on an iPhone camera using an application that replicates specific vintage film stocks and technical settings. A selection of works from the series coke & popcorn was first shown at The Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2nd July – 24 October 2016 in the group show ‘Ridiculous Sublime’ curated by Lucy Hammond.
While shooting coke & popcorn, I adhere to decisions that mimic the constraints presented by traditional wet photography elevating which might be perceived as a ‘low’ form of image production through enforcing historical constraints. In an attempt to negotiate the critical discussion around ‘high’ and ‘low’ forms of image making in the contemporary context coke & popcorn is embedded within a contemporary dialogue that explores the ritualistic act of photography in itself.
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The title coke & popcorn directly references the file sharing platform that allows viewers to illegally source films and television series. Often these files are corrupted, glitchy even, but we watch, we download accepting their defects. It is also a comment on what is still deemed entertainment and the speed at which we approach certain annihilation in this age of Anthropocene.